About the Sistering Committee

Sistering Committee is a local ministry of Mennonite Women USA, for women of Eastern District and Franconia Mennonite Conferences.

womendancingsmall.jpg This committee formed after 130 women from Eastern District Conference and Franconia Mennonite Conference came together in March 2012 for a Mennonite Women Sister Care Seminar, led by Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Heggen. Response to their presentations was very favorable and many asked for follow-up activities. Thus came the birth of the Eastern District and Franconia Conference Sistering Committee.
The Sistering Committee’s mission is to provide gatherings for women to share about their lives and to sister one another — then to spread what they’ve learned to others.  The term “sistering” refers to a practice in carpentry in which structural repairs are made by attaching new wood beams to weak (sagging, cracked or twisted) joists to make the original stronger. All of us are strong at times and can help those who are weak; all of us find it difficult to make it on our own at times and need others to support us. Sistering is a gift that we embody as God’s women as we follow Jesus into the Church and the world.
Committee members include: Marta Castillo, Letty Castro, Lisa Quinones, Angelia Susanto, and Charlene Smalls .
The Sistering Committee represents Mennonite Women USA for eastern Pennsylvania (and the conferences’ outlying congregations) and looks forward to serving the women of our area.
In 2017 Mennonite Women USA celebrated their centennial. The following video was created by the EDC-FMC Sistering Committee that speaks to the history of Mennonite Women USA and the Sistering Committee in honor of the centennial: 

Sistering Committee anniversary from Franconia Conference on Vimeo.